NOMATIC – Top-Notch Minimalistic Backpacks, Wallets and Watches

NOMATIC creates some of the most functional gear for those constantly on the move. All the products from NOMATIC are of supremely quality, highly functional and versatile. The focus is on a minimalistic product which is trendy yet not over-the-top with fancy frills. NOMATIC products like backpacks which went live on Kickstarter pulled in record earnings vouching for the fact that these products are customers’ biggest choices when it comes to functional gear for all adventurers out there.

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Why is NOMATIC the BEST?

One glance at NOMATIC products and you would understand what we mean by minimalistic. The backpack, wallets, and watches give everyday vibes and are functional yet fashionable, practical and durable. They have mind-blowing designs and whether it’s the travel bag or the backpack, they are build keep in mind the needs and comfort of their customers. Let’s take a brief look at some NOMATIC products and find out what makes them a great favorite among buyers.

NOMATIC Backpacks

NOMATIC Backpacks
We loved this backpack for the everyday vibes it gives. It is built for everyday use and it’s not entirely unbelievable that these bags raised $2.9 million on Kick-starter and Indiegogo.

  • More than 20+ Innovative Features
  • Built-in Expansion to accommodate all your needs
  • Waterproof Material
  • Free Shipping in the US

Each bag comes with 3 interchangeable panels.
The Tech Pocket – 4 individual varying size pockets to store various items like gadgets.
Full Perimeter Zipper
Paper Organizer – The bag is equipped with a paper organizer for holding all documents, magazines, and all important papers
Shoes/Clothes Pocket – To fit in your clothes and running shoes
Shifts from backpack to the briefcase with a small adjustment of the strap system
Expandable – The back looks super slim and expands as you keep pack. The sleek, minimalistic design and other 20+ features make this the best backpack you will find.
Water resistant Container Pocket – There’s a fluid flask provision on top of the bag.  This is divided from the rest of the bag internally with water-resistant material.
Pricing: $209.99


Nomatic Wallets
What would you prefer – a sleek simple wallet with plenty of storage space or a fancy looking wallet with hardly any space to accommodate your stuff? Of course, we all prefer the former, right? That’s what the wallet from NOMATIC is all about. Store everything you need in a fraction of space of the regular wallet.
Features include

  • Slim Profile and classy looks
  • Built-In Pocket
  • Easy access to Cards
  • Carry cash, coins & key
  • Durable design

Size: The wallet looks tiny and may be accommodated in the palm of your hand. It can be easily fitted into any pocket or just carried along.
Material: High quality resilient which is durable and not easily damaged. It is of good quality and you don’t have any loose threads hanging around and compact.
Accommodates: Don’t go by the looks of the wallet which can carry up to 15 cards! You can stash in some coins, cash and even your keys.
Aesthetic Appeal: It’s a plain, functional and classy wallet not designed to kill, but nevertheless looks neat. The wallet comes in 4 colors – mint, red, gray and black.
Pricing: $19.99


Nomatic watches

Opt for quality watches from NOMATIC to make a statement about your lifestyle. The watches are again minimalistic with classy, casual and professional options to suit your style. The watches are made of premium quality Swiss Ronda moving interior with instantly interchangeable leather straps which are genuine.
The watches and the dials come in a combination of different colors. Dial colors include black and white. The strap colors include:

  • Tan
  • Black
  • White

It’s not just backpacks, wallets and watches all the way. NOMATIC has some of the best travel accessories which will fulfill all your traveling needs. Some of the travel accessories which caught our eye are:


NOMATIC laundry bag
$ 29.99
An expandable laundry bag to drop your dirty clothes in! When your trip is over, you can just toss it into your travel bag and separate your dirty clothes from the rest of the stuff. A boon indeed!


nomatic shirt organizer
$ 29.99
Keep all your shirts, pants, and other clothes organized without wrinkles.


Nomatic compression
$ 29.99
This is included as a part of the Travel Bag but can also be purchased separately. The packing cube is made of rip-stop nylon with a side for clean and aside for dirty clothes which helps you stay organized.


NOMATIC is one of those brands which does not promise you the moon only to not deliver. When minimalist is your style and functionality is your mantra couple with superior quality, look no further than NOMATIC.

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