Is Halloween The Biggest Sale Season In The USA?

While last year seemed like it was as long as a century, this year seems to be flying by at supersonic speed with October already here. We can’t wait to start celebrating with our friends and family again and enjoy all the celebrations missed out last year. As Halloween is almost here let’s talk about all things Halloween and how it’s the second-largest US holiday when it comes to some much-needed retail therapy.

Halloween might still look a bit different this year but still leaves us with plenty of customs that are doable like carving pumpkins, decorating your yard, dressing up in your scariest costumes, and eating a ton of candies.

What is Halloween and Why people are crazy about Halloween?

This fun-filled holiday dates back 2,000 years. Halloween or Samhain as it was called in Celtic traditions was celebrated on October 31st on the eve of their new year, they believed it was the day when the lines between the living and dead are blurred. The Celts celebrated this day by wearing costumes to keep the ghost away, enjoyed special treats, and made lanterns by carving out gourds.

These mystical rituals evolved into more fun and light-hearted activities which we all enjoy now. Celebrating Halloween by dressing up in spooky costumes and going out for trick or treating in the neighborhood or attending Halloween parties with friends and families has turned it into a holiday more about community get-togethers rather than pranks, ghosts, and witchcraft.

Why is Halloween spooky?

Here are three interesting facts about Halloween bet you dint know about

  • Halloween came to America in the 1840s with Irish immigrants.
  • Halloween means “Hallowed evening” which was previously known as All Hallows Eve celebrated on Oct 31st. and All Saints Day on Nov 1st.
  • Trick or treating is inspired by the medieval English tradition which involved children going door to door offering prayers for residents and their deceased loved ones in exchange for food.

What do people usually do at Halloween parties?

Over the years celebrating Halloween has evolved as we all know, not it’s just not about dressing up and going trick or treating in your neighborhood. Halloween become an event to host a themed party for families and friends.
Halloween Parties are one of the most awaited events of the year for families. These parties or family events are mostly planned with both kids and adults in mind with fun activities involved for both. Halloween Parties are themed parties that could consist of easy Halloween crafts, trick-or-treating, entertaining games, with food, snack, and drinks also matching the theme of Halloween.

Now that we have talked about the history of Halloween and how it’s celebrated, let’s start prepping ourselves for this fun-filled holiday by shopping. Before you start, there is one thing that you need to know about Halloween Shopping that is the best time of the year to get your hands on the best deals for Halloween decorations, candy, costumes, holiday shopping, and shopping for your next summer adventure trip.

Did you know about the Halloween Sale?

This typically starts early September in some stores and picks up closer to the last week of October. It’s the best time for some last-minute shopping for Halloween.

The sale is going to get bigger and better this year, as retail stores have started selling Halloween decorations, costumes, and candies in their store earlier than normal. It’s also caused a lot of people to miss out on celebrating Halloween last year due to COVID.

Are the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales different from Halloween sales?

Should we wait for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale or buy during the Halloween sale?

Halloween Sales are all about strategic shopping where you need to plan your shopping for the year ahead. As fall begins retailers start making room for winter gear, which means you can start shopping for spring and summer outdoor adventures for the next year. Start looking for outdoor tents, fishing gear, coolers, lightweight clothing. You should also start preparing for holiday shopping if you are looking to gift or buy specialty home appliances as specific models might face a shortage as the holiday season comes closer.

While Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales are about purchasing premium products that you have been holding off for the entire year like computers, phones, T.V, kitchen appliances, toys, and earbuds.

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