How To Get Tax Free Products With Back To School Offers

If your planning to join back school come Fall, there is a chance you have already done your shopping or looking forward to getting all the school essentials before school starts from all the back to school offers all the retailers are e- retailers offer. It’s all about trying to save as much possible while buying things for school. If you checked all the best rates available and still not satisfied!

Here is a Sale organized by your State which Offers back to School Discounts.

So while your planning all your shopping this year for your back to school purchases do check out your state’s tax – free shopping weekend this August. These sales are called “ sales tax holidays” or “ back to school sales tax holiday”. They are also called Tax – free weekends or weeks in some states.

Tax Free Products With Back To School Offers

These events are hosted annually and are for everybody! These sales occur during July/ August so concentrate mainly on students which in return allows them to purchase certain back to school essentials without paying state sales tax ( and sometimes local tax). The products that are generally offered in these sales are back to school clothing and gear, sometimes include electronics and software. Having said that even if your not a student or are not shopping for a student you can still shop during this period and pay no sales tax on applicable products.

Here is a list of the participating states which have Tax Free weekends in August 2019. Depending on state law local taxes may still be applicable, so the tax you will have to pay will differ by county, city, and municipality. Almost all retailers and e- retailers would offer the tax emotion during the dates decided by your state.

Connecticut has Tax Free Holiday shopping from 18th August to 24th August 2019.

  • Tax Waived: 6.35% State Sales and Use Tax.
  • Tax-Free items: Clothing and Footwear. ( under $100 per item – no athletic uniforms or protective gears)

Maryland has Tax Free Week from 11th August to 17th August 2019.

  • Tax Waived: 6% State sales tax.
  • Tax-Free items: Clothing and Footwear ( includes coats, diapers, and school and work uniforms. Items priced at $100 or less – no handbags, jewelry or watches. First, $40 of a backpack/ bookbag purchase is exempt.

Massachusetts has Tax Free Holiday shopping on 17th August and 18th August 2019.

  • TaxWaived: 6.25% State sales tax.
  • Tax-Free items: Retail items up to $2,500 per item. ( does not include meals, motorboats, telecommunication services, gas, steam, electricity, tobacco products, marijuana products, and alcoholic beverages)

Texas has a Tax Free Holiday Shopping from 9th August to 11th August 2019.

  • Tax Waived: 6.25% state sales tax and local tax.
  • Tax-Free items: Clothing, footwear, school supplies, and backpacks. ( includes diapers, uniform and work clothes, coats, and swimwear. Less than $100 per item. Backpacks for use by elementary and secondary students only. School Supplies includes books bags, lunch boxes, and calculators. Less than $100 per item.

Unfortunately not every state offers tax-free shopping weekends. Also if they do there are restrictions on items and threshold of $100 to get the tax free saving. It is advised to know your states law before you go shopping during the mentioned dates.

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