How To Stay Hydrated This Summer With This Bluetooth Water Bottle

Did you know that our body is made up of 60% water? Our body uses water for a number of purposes which in return keeps us healthy, fit, in a good mood, helps lose weight, keeps our skin and hair healthier to name of few. To help our body do its job properly we got to give it the required amount of water on a regular basis to keep yourself HYDRATED!

Now we all know that we don’t drink enough water to keep ourselves hydrated, what with summer coming up we are sure to fail to give our body the required amount of water to take care of us. It’s a fact that most of struggle with drinking the required amount of water due to various reasons. Unfortunately drinking water at regular intervals is not even on many of our agendas what with our busy schedules. Keeping that in mind we are sharing with you some clever tricks to keep you hydrated this summer so that you don’t pass out the cause of the heat.

Drink flavoured water. Most of us just don’t like the taste of water or find it boring, so here is a clever way of making sure you enjoy your intake of water and help increase the amount you consume too. All you need to do is throw in lemons, cucumber slices, mint leaves, strawberries, blackberries or any fruit you wish. This will enhance the taste of your water, these ingredients also help your body detox and you remain hydrated too.

Coconut Water
Coconut water is here for your rescue this summer but not in form of a cocktail mind you! Coconut water is packed with electrolytes which are good for you during the summers. Have at least one coconut water this summer which will keep you refreshed and full.

High Water Food
Eat food high in water content. There are a number of fruits which are high in water content and not many calories. Eat these juicy fruits like watermelons, cucumbers or stone fruits which will keep you hydrated while on the beach.

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Invest in a water bottle. It’s just convenient to keep your self hydrated by drinking water when you have it right in front of you while you working at your desk, in your bag when your running errands, during gym workouts, a hike or any other activity. There are a number of fancy bottles available which would look cool on your desk or in your hand while keeping you hydrated.

HidrateSpark 3

Start Using HidrateSpark3 Smart Bluetooth Water Bottle

You can try out the HidrateSpark 3 Smart Bluetooth Water bottle. This gorgeous bottle will track your water intake and sync with their free hydration app or most of the fitness apps. Be rest assured of achieving your water goals and never being dehydrated again as drinking water has never been more fun.

Colorful Lineup

Start Using HidrateSpark3 Smart Bluetooth Water Bottle

Here are the reasons why you need HidrateSpark 3 Smart Water Bottle right now:

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  • It tracks every sip and syncs with the hydration app powered by Bluetooth Low Energy. It also syncs with most of the fitness apps.
  • Soft grip body to improve grip and minimize condensation.
  • Easy to clean the bottle as well as a sensor by hand.
  • Choose from 3 glow styles to match your mood.
  • Find my bottle tracker in the App.
  • Easy to change the battery, which lasts months.
  • Made from BPA Free, Food Safe plastic. Available in size of 20oz/592ml.
  • Great customer service.

The Hidrate App calculates a personalized goal daily and adjusts throughout the day based on your body and activity level. The app along with your basic information also considers your environment and altitude to determine your hydration levels.

Hidrate Spark App

The Sensor stick inside the bottle which is powered by a single coin cell battery, which means no hassle of charging. The sensor measures the amount of water you drank and transfers the data to the hydration app.

The HidrateSpark 3 is the latest version in their range of bottles. This bottle is available in 6 different colour. Each bottle is priced at $59.95/each. The Hidrate Tracker App is free and works on Android and iOS.

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The HidrateSpark 3 Accessories lets you mix and match your bottle lids, bodies and bottom ring to customize your bottle. The accessories on sale are:
Hidrate Spark 3

Start Using HidrateSpark3 Smart Bluetooth Water Bottle
  1. Bottle lids in all colours at $9.99/each.
  2. Bottle body HidrateSpark 3 at $19.99/each. ( Available in six colours)
  3. Bottom Ring HidrateSpark 3 at $2.99/lid. ( Available in six colours)
  4. Battery CR2477 for HidrateSpark 3 at $5.99.
  5. Red Glowing Sensor HidrateSpark 3 at $29.99.
  6. Green Glowing Sensor HidrateSpark. 3 at $29.99.

HidrateSpark 3 is a perfect gift for your loved ones this summer. Give them the Gift Card which starts from the amount of $25.00 to $125.00. You can choose the E- Gift card so they can choose the colour and ease you of making the decision of choosing the colour.

They offer 100 – Day Warranty in all their bottles, along with FREE SHIPPING on U.S Orders over $75 along with Fast Shipping and Returns.

Their return policy is simple and straightforward you can email them within the first 30- days after receiving the product. They arrange for a return as Return Shipping is Free


This summer remembers to drink ample water. Reach for glass water rather than your desired drink cause the water is not only going to keep you hydrated, your calorie intake low but also help with the killer hangover the next day. Start Using HidrateSpark3 Smart Bluetooth Water Bottle this summer and stay hydrated and healthy and thank us later. Order now!

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